Just a one hour plane ride from Manila, Boracay is the Philippines most popular destination with over one million annual visits from Filipino and international tourists. With its crystal blue water and white sand, White Beach (Boracay’s most popular beach) has made the various travel magazine’s “best beaches in the world” multiple times.

Very important to note that as of now, Boracay is still closed by order of President Duterte for cleaning and recovery of the island. By the end of 2018, Boracay should look better than it has in years.

White beach isn’t however, the only thing Boracay has to offer. The 7km long island of Boracay, located in the center of the country in Panay, also has Bulabog Beach on the opposite side of the island which has been voted as the best watersport beach in all of Asia along with multiple other small remote beaches around the island, making up about a dozen in all.

The Island of Boracay is a vacationer’s dream destination. With its epic nightlife, it has been referred to as Asia’s Ibiza – the bars and pubs tend to jump until the early morning hours. The Island is equipped with both luxury hotels and quaint bungalows, appealing to all travelers tastes and budgets. And last but not least, cuisines from all over the world are served in Boracays many amazing restaurants.

Boracay Attractions

Beaches – I think it goes without saying that Boracay’s picturesque beaches are the island’s top draw. Whether you want to windsurf, jets skiing, kiteboard or simple lay out and enjoy the scenery, the beaches of Boracay are unparallelled in the Philippines.

Island Hopping – This is one of the things you must set aside at least one day for when you come to Boracay. With more than a dozen undeveloped beaches around the island, colorful coral reefs and various island settings with turquoise water, this is the best way to enjoy Boracay. During this excursion, you can snorkel, swim, enjoy other beaches, look at the thriving ocean life and towards the end, enjoy the most amazing sunset.

Diving – With more than a dozen amazing divesites, Boracay is a favorite for divers from around the country. Colorful coral and sea life can be seen and some sites even commonly feautre encounters with white tip and grey reef sharks as well as other large fish.

Mount Luho – This can be a difficult ascent and so may not be for everyone, but it is well worth it for those who want to climb to the highes elevation on the island at 100 meters above sea level where they can soak in the best view of the island. A kiosk at the top serves soft drinks and water and there hammocks between the trees to rest.

The Dead Forest – There are scores of dead trees next to the fishponds in the south of the island there and the way in which their silhouettes eerily jut into the landscape in a terrible, yet fascinating way, is worth a visit to see.

The Bat Caves – The home of cave bats and giant fruit bats with wingspans as wide as four feet is located at the north East coast of Yapak. It’s the home of cave bats as well as giant fruit bats with a wingspan of up to four feet. Sometimes photographers and cave explorers who are willing to put up with the stench, will explore the caves.

Transportation To And Around Boracay

All of the major airlines fly to Boracay. As the Philippines most popular vacation destination, you won’t have any trouble finding flights, hotels or ground transportation.

As the island is so small, tricycles with passenger sidecars are the mode of transportation around the island. Since the island is so small, most people walk around on foot. Many tourists chose to ride bicycles which rent for only a little bit more than $1 per hour. If you want to cross the island on a motorcycle, it’s about $5 per hour to rent a motorcycle and you will need to have an international driver’s license to do so.