Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is the gateway to Palawan lying directly in the heart of the island. The city is not only the seat of the government as well as the heart of commerce, trade and industry for the whole island as well as the home of the islands major airport; Puerto Princesa itself is a tourist destination with its famous underground river tour and Island Hopping at Honda Bay leading the way among other activities.

Puerto Princesa Attractions

Island Hopping & Snorkeling: Spending at least one day island hopping around Honda Bay is always a popular choice for visitors to Puerto Princesa. The water is clean and there are some beautiful places they boat stops for swimming and snorkeling.

Even though it’s not El Nido, Puerto Princesa has some very nice beaches in Honda Bay.

Underground River: This is probably the most famous attraction for Puerto Princesa and one of the most famous also for all of Palawan. The caves themselves are world heritage sites and have been featured in all major travel magazines. You sit on a boat as a guide paddles you through over a kilometer of rock formations. It is impossible not to appreciate the beauty of nature. The guides will help to point out the coolest rock formations. There is a certain sense of magic and romance as you travel through with the spot lights lighting the way.

Ugong Rock: About an hour outside Puerto Princesa, Ugon rock is a 75 foot high limestone formation where visitors can climb and explore the various caves. From the top, one can zipline down a 380 meter zipline.

Diving at Tubbataha Reef: If you visit in the months of March through June, you have the chance to get in some of the best diving in the country with stunning fish and reefs in what could be one of the few remaining virgin dive spots in the world. This is one of Asia’s last guaranteed shark dive spots where divers will commonly see white tip sharks. Leopard, silver tip, nurse, grey reef, hammer head sharks are also often seen in the area along with mantas and whale sharks. Many divers report seeing tons of sharks along with giant turtles when diving at Tubbataha.

Sabang X Zipline: This is a zip line that runs above the water and along the walk you can check out the monkeys living in the trees. It’s a great thing to do after completing your underground cave experience. It is 800 meters long and the breathtaking views as you go over the sea and a virgin beach are completely amazing.

Transportation to and Around Puerto Princesa

There are daily flights from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao.

Within the city, you will simply take one of the tricycles which are extremely cheap. They do not have taxis, but these generally are larger than in most cities and have racks for luggage and comfortable fit a small family.

Other places to Visit When in the Philippines

North of Puerto Princesa, there are two beautiful Islands called El Nido and Coron. To visit Coron, you will need to take a flight. El Nido can be reached by van.