Davao City

Davao City is the largest city in the Philippines by land area and one of the largest in the world. After metro Manila, metro Davao is the third most populous in the country.

While certain parts of the Mindanao Island have conflict areas, Davao City is actually one of the safest, best managed and most livable cities in the country.

Davao has an international airport, 5 major shopping malls, luxury hotels, beautiful resorts, modern restaurants with both local and international brands and most importantly, the city has great people. In just the last few years, major call centers have given jobs to thousands of Davaoeños.

I will point out straight away that as the author of this website, I do have some bias as I have enjoyed Davao as my home since 2010 and even coming from Los Angeles, California, love it.

Tourist Attractions in Davao

Samal Island Beaches and Resorts – 15 minutes from Davao, Samal Island is home to Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Paradise Beach resort, Blue Jazz and many others. Davao itself has black sanded beaches, and while the locals love them, tourists tend to prefer to take the ride over to the white sand.

Jacks Ridge – Built in the hills on the land that was an outpost for the retreating Japanese forces at the end of World War II, Jack’s Ridge has an amazing view of the city and offers a great dining experience to its guests.

Mount Apo – The highest mountain in the Philippines, located 40 kilometers northeast of Davao with its peak overlooking Davao City, this volcano is one of the Philippines’ most popular climbing destinations. The two day climb is well worth it if you are in shape and plan it out in advance.

Philippine Eagle Sanctuary – 36 eagles and many other animals and birds live in this sanctuary. In addition to seeing these majestic birds, guests can enjoy a nice lunch and even see falconry in action.

Eden Nature Park – This is a place of peace and serenity. 20 to 30 minutes from the city with a cool mountain feel, surrounded by lofty pine trees and greenery, one can relax and take in the views of indigenous creatures, deer and birds. There is a fishery where one can fish and have their catch cooked right there.

Davao Crocodile Park – With Crocodiles, monkeys, bear cats, snakes, raptors and various other animals, the Davao Crocodile Park is one of Davao’s most popular travel destinations. The park is equipped with modern equipment and, Pangil, the largest crocodile in the park has his own show that wows spectators.

Transportion to and Around Davao

Davao has an international airport that is accessible from all over the Philippines. Davao has a plethora of taxi drivers that are said to be the most honest in the whole country. As a tip, always take a taxi from the airport. There is never a need for a private car.

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