This Butuan Balangay is on a nearby Beach (obviously not in inland Butuan).

Butan is located in the northeast section of Mindanao and is part of the Agusan Valley. As one of the Philippines’ oldest settlements, even though Butuan City is highly urbanized today, it has still held onto its history and charm.

The iconic symbol for Butuan would certainly be the balangay, the 800 year old boats which were discovered in Butuan City and are the Philippines’ oldest sailing vessels.

Things to See in Butuan

Delta Discovery Park – This is probably the most fun tourist attraction in Butuan City. You can go horseback riding, ATV or buggy riding, zip-lining or swimming. The zip line here is 1.3 kilometers and is said to be the longest single zip line in all of Asia.

Balangay Museum – Also known as the Balanghai Shrine or sometimes Shrine Museum, the remains of the Balanghai and various artifacts not only give a glimpse of Butuan’s history, but also of the past of the Philippines. The small museum is regularly visited by archaeologists and students as well as tourists.

Butuan Festival – Like most cities in the Philippines, Butuan has an annual festival/fiesta. The Balangay Festival celebrates St. Joseph, the city of Butuan’s patron and the festival lasts the entire month of May with May 19th being a day of feasting.

Bood Promontory Eco Park – This historic hill is the site of the very first Catholic Mass which took place in the Philippines by Friar Pedro Valderrama, together with Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan and his men in 1521. This eco-park was established to be a relaxing place where visitors could rekindle the past.

Agusan River – A boat ride on the country’s second largest and most navigable river is a nice way to see the surrounding area, particularly between the Philippine summer months of March and June.

Beaches – As Butuan City is somewhat inland, there are some really nice inland resorts, but there are also beaches 30 to 45 minutes away one could enjoy with clear water and great diving spots. When doing this, staying in the ocean cottages is a wonderful experience.

Travel to Butuan

There are flights directly to Butuan City from Manila which leave on a daily basis. From Cagayan de Oro or even Davao City, you can also take a bus to Butuan.


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