Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera, located on the north shore of Mindoro Island (though it is classified when using the big three grouping [Luzon, Mindanao and Visayas] which we have used on this one since it’s the only city we are featuring on Mindoro – and since it’s about a hundred and thirty kilometers south of Manila), is one of the best developed and most beautiful beach resort communities in the Philippines. Surrounded by lush green mountains and glistening blue waters, like most of the Philippine Islands, it has a dense jungle terrain inland with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water on the coast.

The Puerto Galera area has one of the highest diversity of marine species in the world and is known among travelers for its numerous snorkeling and diving sites as well as many pocket beaches. Puerto Galera is the only bay in the Philippines to be included in the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club.

Sabang Beach and White Beach are two of the more famous beaches on the island; both with a large variety of both luxury and economic hotels as well as many bars and restaurants.

While the clear watered beaches might be the main attractions with island hopping, swimming, sailing, surfing, snorkeling, diving and sailing; there are a hundred other things to do in Puerto Galera.

While peaceful waves and tranquility are the sounds of the day, the nights are full of laughter and the clinking of bottles and wine glasses. Puerto Galera is truly a flourishing tropical paradise.

What To Do In Puerto Galerea

Beaches – The entire coasts of Puerto Galera are lined by enchanting attractive corals and white sand beaches. The corals with multi colored fishes swimming around them can be viewed on a boat tour, or while snorkeling or diving. They are a “can’t miss” while visiting the island.

Mangrove Forest Park – You can see large old trees preserved here and various exotic species as well.

Golfing at Ponderosa – There is a nine holed golf course here that has sensational views.

Paradise Zoo – This zoo has massive snakes, king cobras, spitting cobras, lizards and black mambas amongst its 1000 reptiles and other animals.

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Transportion To And Around Puerto Galera

From Manila, you can take one of the air conditioned buses that run through Calabrzon Expressway directly to Batangas pier. It’s usually under two hours. Once you get to Batangas, you can takea ferry to Puerto Galera. Since there are four entrances into Puerto Galera, remember to ask for the White Beach ferry if you are headed to White Beach or you could end up at the Muelle Pier, Sabang Pier or Balatero Pier.

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