Thanks to its many beaches and its outstanding diving spots, Batangas is one of the Philippines most famous tourist destinations. It is the second biggest port city after Manila and many people also travel to Batangas to take a ferry to one of the nearby islands.

Located just seventy miles south of the Philippines’ Capital City of Manila, after decades of being known for its major gas refineries, Batangas has now become more famous for its beautiful beach resorts which boast white sand and crystal clear water.

Batangas Beaches

The Batangas province is quite famous for having so many great beaches. There are great beaches nearby.

Laiya Beach in San Juan – The water here is very clean and clear. It is shallow and safe for children. While the sand is not quite sugar white, it is still pretty nice. The beautiful coral in the water makes it ideal for snorkeling.

Hugon Beach in San Juan – This beach has a slighly rocky ocean floor, but is a pristine beach that is about two-thirds of a mile long. For snorkelers, be aware that there is a pretty steep drop off about 30 feet out.

Munting Buhangin Beach in Nasugbu – This beach has defintely seen more upgrades than some of the other beaches nearby. It occupies a picturesque cove and has tree houses built for children and picnic tables on the beach for its visitors. Volleyball nets are strung up for those who want to play beach volleyball and there are small huts along the strand for people to sit at.

Matabungkay Beach in Lian – Over a mile long and is one of the favorites in the area, especially for scuba divrs and snorkelers who come to see the different small coral reefs. It is a wonderful place to see sunsets and several resorts have been built in to the west end.

Mahabang Buhangin Beach on Tinaga Island – Nearly thirty miles from Batangas City, this beach has boulders from volcanic rock and outcrops which make it a little bit different from the normal blue watered and white sanded beaches around you will encounter during your Philippines travel.

Gerthel Beach – About twenty five miles from Batangas City in Lobo, is the half a mile long beach that is popular among people who enjoy shallow, warm water. The shallow water lasts about five hundred feet out before it plunges deeply.

Batangas Attractions And Things To Do

The beaches are absolutely the highlight of the area, but Taal Lake is another major attractions worth seeing.

Lake Taal (or Taal Lake) – The third largest (but the deepest) lake in the Philippines, Taal Lake has Volcano island at its center which gives the lake a sulfuric content. Within Volcano Island is a crater lake known as the Main Crater Lake which funny enough, has a small island inside it known as Culcan Point. Tourists regularly cross the lake and are able to go to the top of Volcano Island on horseback. Once at the top and during the journey up and down Volcano Island, tourists can see the amazing views of both the lake and its surrounding area.

Getting To Batangas

From Manila, one can simply take one of the commercial buses that runs regularly down to Batangas. All neighboring cities have buses that will take you there. If coming from Puerto Galera or Mindoro, you would take a ferry.

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