The island of Luzon is the Philippines biggest and most populated Island. It is also the countries political and economic headquarters. It is home to the national capital region of Manila and the Philippines most populous city, Quezon City, is located in Luzon.

Luzon is the fourth most populous island in the world with a massive population of 57 million which is over half of all of the Philippine’s total population.

Some of the cities we have featured so far in Luzon:

  1. Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Most people who travel to the Philippines will fly through Manila on their way in. While Manila City itself has about 2 million people, Metro Manila (which includes other large cities like Quezon City, Pasig, Makati, BGC, Pasay, etc.) has 12 million and the larger urban area is said to have over 21 million! You can find just about everything in Manila that you would in a major city from shopping to a plethora of nice hotels.
  2. Baguio City – It has been referred to as the Philippines summer capital. It’s approximately 7 degrees cooler on average with it’s more mountaneous terrain. It’s a fairly popular place to visit for Filipino tourists. It’s only about a 45 minute flight from Manila and it’s about a 6 hour bus ride.
  3. Banaue – 5000 feet above sea level with the Banaue Rice Terraces, tagged a UNESCO heritage site and sometimes called the 8th wonders of the world, Banaue is a famous spot to visit for those who love nature.
  4. Batanes – The 10 or so islands in between the Philippines and Taiwan are what make up Batanes. With it’s rolling green hills known as the Marlboro Hills where you will find cows grazing and its Dutch like windmills, you might not feel like you are in the Philippines any more!
  5. Batangas – Best known for having a lot of really gorgeous beaches only 70 minutes from manla, Batangas is a great place to visit for travelers who love crystal clear water and white sand beaches.
  6. Donsol is known for two things above all: Whale Sharks and Scuba! Beautiful coral, world class diving and large gentle beasts bring many visitors to Donsol every year.
  7. Pagudpud – if you want to get away from it all, about 350 miles north of Manila, in a mostly unspoiled and mineral rich area, you can enjoy relaxing in Pagudpud. White sand beaches and relaxation make this a nice and peaceful place to visit.
  8. Puerto Galera has one of the most developed resort areas in the country with beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and a relatively close distance to Manila. Technically, it’s not in Luzon as it’s in Mindoro, but when classing the Philippines under the big three groupings, it’s included with Luzon.
  9. Sagada is a destination you will find on the bucket list of most Filipinos who love to travel around their country. It’s not a typical Philippines tourist area where you would see beaches, but is more known for dense jungle with waterfalls, caving and the famous hanging coffins. It’s often coupled with a trip to Banaue.
  10. Tagaytay is a highly urbanized and well structured area near Manila, known for a cooler climate and a nice getaway. With scenic Taal Lake and its volcano to the flower farms, it’s a relaxing getaway from the busy streets of Manila.


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